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Is your tarmacadam driveway in need of repair? If so, our team can help.

At L & R Surfacing, we are experienced tarmacking contractors available for a range of driveway repair work, including tarmacadam resurfacing.

Tarmac is a popular option for driveways due to its high durability to withstand heavy vehicles and repeated use. However, over time, it will begin to show signs of wear and tear that need addressing.

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Telltale signs your tarmacadam driveway needs attention include visible cracks or pooling water. Small cracks may seem purely cosmetic; however, they can get worse over time, whilst large cracks may indicate a more serious structural issue.

Any surface water present may point to a drainage issue or unevenness. If left too long, you may be at risk of potholes which can be a hazard to both vehicles and pedestrians. Also, if you notice any crumbling around the edges of your drive, it may be the effects of weathering and ought to be inspected. Thankfully, as tarmacadam paving experts, we can fix all these issues and more.

Tarmacadam Contractors in Bishops Stortford & chelmsford

From our base in Hertfordshire, we carry out tarmacadam repairs within a 20-mile radius, which includes nearby Bishops Stortford, Chelmsford and beyond. We will inspect your driveway to determine the level of damage, which provides us with an accurate representation of the work required.

Tarmacadam resurfacing is more straightforward than installing a new driveway from scratch. As long as the sub-base is still in good condition and you have adequate drainage, we can simply add a new layer of tarmac over the existing surface. Small cracks can be fixed by topically applying cold mix and sealant rather than resurfacing the full driveway.

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As professional tarmacadam contractors, we have the tools and experience to perform tarmac repairs to a high standard. In many cases, we will not need to excavate the whole driveway, while the new tarmac will require a curing period of around 48 hours before it is as good as new.

Due to the nature of tarmacadam, a driveaway can only be resurfaced a couple of times before you start running into height issues, so our experts can best advise you whether resurfacing or reinstallation is the most suitable option.

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